Corrections of the outer ear & anhelix-plastic

Another aspect of our spectrum is offering corrective surgery of deformities of the outer ear. The most common deformity is by far the protruding ear. The anthelix-plastic is one of the most widely performed plastic-surgical procedures in ENT-patients, especially in children.

To plan for a surgical correction of an outer ear deformity a detailled analysis of the deformity itself as well as a thorough consultation with the patient as well as the patient’s parents and evaluating the individual psychological strain is of great importance.

In young children the procedure is performed in general anaesthesia. In juveniles and adults it can also be performed in local anaesthesia. Usually the patient can be discharged on the same day in both cases. Having a very close and personal cooperation with the anaesthetists ensures the best possible general anaesthesia for our patients, especially children. Post-surgical examinations will be carried out by members of our clinics for plastic-surgery to ensure an ongoing, personalized and individual patient-care.

Head of department

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Barbara Wollenberg


PD Dr. med.
Katharina Storck