Dysphonia (impairment of voice)
of the speaking & singing-voice

Diseases and Clinical Pictures

  • Acute illnesses (hoarseness, congestion the voice, laryngitis /infection of the larynx etc.)
  • Organic Dysphonia
    • Polyps and cysts of the vocal fold
    • “Reinkes” edema
    • Thickening of the vocal folds, vocal nodes
    • Intubation-associated granulomas, reflux disease associated contact-granulomas of the vocal fold
    • Injuries of the larynx
    • Vocal fold paralysis (e.g. after thyroid surgery)
    • Neoplasia in children (e.g. papillomatosis)
  • Muscle Tension Dysphonia / functional dysphonia (hyper- and hypo-functional dysphonia)
  • Vocal Cord Dysfunction (VCD) / Inducible laryngeal obstruction syndrome (ILO)
  • Assistance of patients after laryngectomy
  • Neurologic speech disorders (e.g. aphasia, dysarthria, apraxia)

Voice assessment (Speaking Voice, Singing Voice)

After a detailed medical history, state of the art examination methods are applied:
Rigid laryngoscopy (90°, magnifying), videostroboscopy, flexible transnasal endoscopy of the larynx, highspeed kymography, electroglottography and more. With these methods we are able to evaluate the oscillation sequence of the vocal folds in detail. Additionally, examinations of the respiration, manner of speech and voice are evaluated including a computer-based analysis with the possibility to measure the voice range profile or to perform a stress test among other things.

Treatment Options

Exercise sessions are offered to improve or recover voice function. Besides conservative treatments we provide diverse surgical options to improve the voice (phono-surgery) e.g. excision of vocal fold cysts and polyps, and others under the operation microscope in intubation narcosis.

Furthermore, we offer office-based injection laryngoplasties in local anesthesia (e.g. vocal fold augmentation) for patients with vocal fold paralysis and glottal insufficiency or botulinum toxin (“Botox”) injections into the larynx for patients with spasmodic dysphonia. [Bild Augmentation].

All examinations and procedures are covered by your insurance (if insured in Germany) and no additional charge is necessary.

Head of department

Dr. med. univ.

Olivia Jeleff-Wölfler