Diseases of the neck

Swelling in the soft tissues of the neck can be attributed to various benign and malignant diseases. Tumors in the area of the pharynx can also be initially noticed via a swelling in the area of the neck, even before the actual tumor itself causes symptoms. For this reason, any new swelling in the area of the throat should be examined by a specialist so that an appropriate therapy recommendation can be derived from it.

Inflammation of the neck affects all age groups and often occurs after a pharyngeal infection or an injury of the skin of the neck. Patients usually present with pain, dysphagia, fever and a reduced general condition. On clinical examination patients present with general inflammation of the skin which is painful to touch. Following the clinical examination patients undergo diagnostic imaging including ultrasound, CT and MRI scans. Small abscesses can be drained whereas larger abscesses need to be treated surgically.

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